New Video Card: Pinball Panic!

Picked up a new Jaton PX610GT-EX video card, just like that one, for the new desktop box that’s slowly taking shape. Dropped it into the slot, fired it up, and …

Jaton PX610GT-EX - Pinball Panic
Well, that doesn’t look quite right. In real life, the pattern sparkled and the horizontal bar slid slowly down the screen; this is a photo, because the UI was completely hosed.

In truth, that’s what happened when I swapped it into the current desktop box to figure out whether the fault lay in the card, the PC, or the OS. In the new PC, the card flat-out didn’t work at all, so the fact that it booted and got the OS GUI up, before getting wedged, counted for something.

Given that the two cards are identical, the new one is on its way back for an exchange.

The full desktop picture is over there.