Blog Summary: 2012

Despite all the techie stuff I think is more interesting, this blog evidently remains The Source for bed bug and appliance repair help:

2012 YTD Blog Stats
2012 YTD Blog Stats

I can’t explain the popularity of the End of an Era: Knights in Shining Armor post, either, but it must have SEO out the wazoo.

Who knew I have the definitive dragonfly and Giant Swallowtail Butterfly pictures?

It’d be nice to get Slashdotted or Hackaday-ed for something techie, rather than bedbugs again …

Surprisingly, most visitors arrive from image searches, rather than text searches:

2012 YTD Blog Referrer Stats
2012 YTD Blog Referrer Stats

The largest non-search-engine referrer was Google Reader at 4000, followed by a Lifehacker traffic spike at 3000, and then everything else. As far as search engines go: Google and debris.

In round numbers, 650 visitors get 1000 total views per day; the overall views/visitor runs around 1.75, which I interpret to mean most folks find exactly what they want on the first page. As nearly as I can tell from the daily stats, 300 of you visit the main page and post-of-the-day, plus another 100 click in from the RSS feed. The numbers don’t add up, primarily because RSS feed clicks don’t seem to enter into their totals.

It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme, that’s for sure…

It’s still fun and I really do use this blog as my notebook: some of those searches come from me. I appreciate you folks helping me out with useful comments and suggestion: thanks!

6 thoughts on “Blog Summary: 2012

  1. I have been following your blog through the email subscription since I found it looking for a solution to a sewing machine rheostat problem and love it, sorry I never got around to getting a multimeter out and testing it…, i cleaned it out which helped but we ended up getting a newer one anyway. I have not seen the bed bug posts…. Happy new year!

    1. we ended up getting a newer one anyway.

      Believe it or not, that’s on the to-do list for the new year; sometimes, stuff just wears out.

      And I certainly wish you never need any advice on bed bugs…

      Thanks for the good words!

  2. Haven’t encountered bed bugs (though Klamath County has some in local hotels…), but the symptoms remind me of chiggers. I suspect they use a similar mechanism for feeding, though chiggers seem to eat and run to stay outside. I have a trip to the midwest planned in the late spring, so I might (hope not) have an opportunity to use the information on bedbugs. Whee.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the blog. Lots of information and lots of fun.

    Happy New Year!

    1. use the information on bedbugs

      Bring along a bright LED flashlight and tear the place apart before you bring in your luggage. If it feels like unreasonable paranoia, you’ve got it dialed about right…

      Lots of information and lots of fun.

      And a good time is had by all! Thanks…

      1. Thanks for that tip. Chigger bites are tolerable only by the fact that they can be avoided (usually) and you just gave me the means to more-or-less avoid bedbug bites.

        Guess I should try the bedbug registry, too. I usually hit the same cities and hotels on the Chicago trip.

        1. bedbug registry

          I’m ambivalent about that, for several reasons:

          1. Most folks can’t identify any insects
          2. Bad actors can destroy a motel’s reputation
          3. Past performance is no guide to future outcomes

          But if you evaluate the entries the same way as online reviews, I suppose it can be helpful.

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