AMP 842448-2 HF PCB Filters: Still Alive

A vial in the bottom of Mad Phil’s EMI Go-Kit contained a handful of these doodads:

AMP 842448-2 HF PCB Filters
AMP 842448-2 HF PCB Filters

The label on the vial came from AMP with a handwritten 842448-2. Searching on the obvious terms eventually produced a Surface Mount EMI Filters catalog from Spectrum Control, with page 25 saying that it’s a 10 A DC ferrite pi filter with a 20 dB insertion loss over 100 MHz; evidently, SC bought AMP’s product line and is keeping it alive for all the Mil-Spec folks. Oddly, you can’t find that catalog using the site’s built-in search function with the part number.

Rather than keep an entire catalog of parts I’ll never have, I used pdftk to snip out and rename the page for later reference:

pdftk surfacemountcatalog.pdf cat 25 output "AMP 842448-2 HF PCB Filter.pdf"

After it reaches the Internet, it never goes away…