Did You Notice Any RSS Feed Problems?

Normally, about 100-150 people arrive here every day through the RSS syndication feature, mostly looking at the daily post.

Over the last two weeks (more or less), that number dropped to 10-50. I prefer to believe something has gone wrong with the WordPress RSS mechanism, rather than that 100 readers suddenly vanished. Of course, the Happiness Engineers can’t find anything amiss…

If you use the RSS feed and experienced any recent problems, please leave a comment explaining the situation.


  1. #1 by Jason Doege on 2012-05-11 - 22:49

    While not expressly what you asked for, I use your RSS feed and I have experienced no problems lately.

    • #2 by Ed on 2012-05-12 - 06:17

      There’s no such thing as bad data: it’s good to hear the feed is still working for you!

  2. #3 by frenzie on 2012-06-20 - 18:16

    I didn’t notice anything missing in my RSS feed, but then I’m just now catching up on 150 days of posts as part of the beginning of my summer vacation.

    • #4 by Ed on 2012-06-20 - 20:22

      part of the beginning of my summer vacation

      Welcome back… although absorbing half a year of posts in one shot might give you a lethal dose!