Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest Rules

As it turns out, I edit the contest rules.

The draft document is a hulking PDF that’s too large for email, which means the Tech Committee needs a central repository.

This blog serves as my notebook, so here’s where I put various revisions of the draft. Because the drafts are not intended for public dissemination, the page holding them is password-protected. At least, it should be…

Because you aren’t on the Tech Committee, you don’t have the password.

That’s what’s going on; the regular daily posts will continue apace.

(But, wow, it’s a great way to discover how many folks are up early in the morning…)

2 thoughts on “Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest Rules

    1. Well, the page claims to be password protected…

      I suppose those dozen or so folks were sorely disappointed. Sorry ’bout that.

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