In Case Of Emergency: FAIL

In Emergency Blank Sign
In Emergency Blank Sign

Saw this on a family bike ride. It’s atop a Central Hudson gas pipeline, pretty much directly across the Hudson from that gas storage tank, although on a local branch line.

Other such gas-pipeline signs have contact information, like the phone number, printed in red ink. Alas, red ink absorbs UV and eventually bleaches away. It’s not like this is an unknown phenomenon that’s happened here for the first time.

What’s odd about this, though, is that the pole supporting the sign and the pipe leading to the sampling head (?) were both recently repainted with nice red paint. One would think the painter would be empowered to report problems like this, but I’m guessing that job has been subcontracted out through so many layers that the actual guy-with-the-brush neither knows nor cares what he’s painting.

I’d report it, but I’m unwilling to invest half an hour being told that my call is important to them.

Yessir, yessir, three bags full.