Tour Easy + BOB Yak = Useful Cargo Capacity

Tour Easy + BOB Yak Leaf Hauling
Tour Easy + BOB Yak Leaf Hauling

As mentioned there, I use a BOB Yak trailer to tote stuff that doesn’t fit into the panniers on my Tour Easy recumbent bike.

We shred dry autumn leaves, bag up the chips, store the bags under a tarp beside the garage, and then Mary mulches the weeds to death in her gardens in the spring. I usually haul a pair of bags to the garden when we ride out for groceries: never waste a trip.

The Yak’s rear fender is a nice stiff aluminum arch with stout steel stays, built to take exactly this sort of abuse. The trailer is utterly reliable and tracks perfectly: highly recommended.

It does turn the ‘bent into a 12-foot-long vehicle, so urban assault riding is pretty much out of the question. On the other hand, nobody begrudges me a parking space of my very own. Which is a good thing, as puny little bike racks quake at my approach.

This looks scarier than it really is, although having the center of gravity up that high does tend to make the trailer shimmy a bit over 20 mph… which speeds I reach only going downhill.

Update: I have a pair of Nashbar cargo nets (their deep links rot quickly, so site-search for net) to hold bulky stuff in place. One normally does the deed, but some loads demand both!