The Stone

Yeah, this is enough to knock your bike completely off course:

The Stone - A
The Stone – A

The black smudge matches a scuff on the right sidewall of the front tire. I think I hit it in that orientation and it pivoted clockwise while lifting the bike and shoving the tire to the left.

Another look from what was likely the right side of the shoulder:

The Stone - B
The Stone – B

I’ll give it a decent burial out back … and be glad our roles aren’t reversed!

4 thoughts on “The Stone

    1. I ain’t gonna give that sucker the slightest opportunity to sneak into the middle of the hallway during the night. [grin]

    1. Running heavy tires definitely helps!

      Now that you mention it, a super-light aero wheel with a dozen spokes would surely have collapsed under the side loading: not survivable.

      Whew & similar remarks.

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