Smashed Glass Earrings: Sample Set

The POC earrings had a pair of 1.5 mm acrylic disks epoxied around the glass fragment, with the “gold” ring captured in a rebate around the rims. That process was both tedious and messy, so I tried laser-engraving a deeper rebate into a 3 mm sheet, then epoxying the fragment and the ring in place:

Earrings - epoxy curing
Earrings – epoxy curing

They’re stuck to a strip of Kapton tape to keep the epoxy off the bottom surface of the glass, while aligning it with the surrounding disk.

Peeling the protective film / plastic off reveals the acrylic disk:

Earrings - 25 20 16 12 mm first look
Earrings – 25 20 16 12 mm first look

They all required more effort to remove the epoxy remaining around the ring, but it worked out better than I expected.

A lighter background shows off their internal structure:

Earrings - 25 20 16 12 mm set
Earrings – 25 20 16 12 mm set

A closer look at the pairs:

  • Earrings - 25 mm pair
  • Earrings - 20 mm pair
  • Earrings - 16 mm pair
  • Earrings - 12 mm pair

As always, glooping clear epoxy around the edges fills many of the internal cracks and reduces the glittery aspect of all those glass-to-air-to-glass interfaces, but I don’t see another good way to keep the fragments under control.

The results may not be up to a “fine jewelry” standard, whatever that may be, but a slipcase box definitely improves the presentation:

Earrings - presentation case
Earrings – presentation case

If I had the courage of my convictions, I’d go for the Mr Clean look myself, but …