Laser Imaging: Paving Tile vs. Titanium Dioxide

Dump enough titanium dioxide powder into denatured alcohol to make a thin slurry, bloosh it onto a reasonably clean paving / floor / whatever tile, spread it out with a chip brush, let the alcohol evaporate, then try a few images with various laser power settings scanned at 400 mm/s:

Paving tile - TiO2 prep and engrave
Paving tile – TiO2 prep and engrave

Wash off the TiO₂ powder to leave the fused titanium behind:

Paving tile - TiO2 images
Paving tile – TiO2 images

A closer look at the middle eye:

Paving tile - TiO2 images - detail
Paving tile – TiO2 images – detail

The small granules spread across the surface are glass chips that probably improve traction, so this must have been a paving or floor tile intended for wet areas. A small stack of whole tiles and fragments Came With The House™, they’ve come in handy over the years, and that’s all we know.

The darkest image was at 40% power (maybe 24 W) and the lightest at 15%, although my notes are a bit fuzzy, and it started as a grayscale image dithered into on/off dots.

Obviously, my imaging hand is weak, but it does verify that TiO₂ powder will produce some sort of image without all the bother and solvents associated with paints / primers and the removal thereof.