COVID-19: The New Face of Bicycling

Eastbound on the Walkway Over the Hudson, which asks everyone to mask up:

The New Face of Bicycling - Ed masked - 2020-05-21
The New Face of Bicycling – Ed masked – 2020-05-21

Homebrew cloth masks mostly protect you, not me, but they’re still a reasonable way to tamp down the infection rate.

You’d (well, I’d) like to know the population infection rate, but we don’t have enough random testing to justify a number. Current testing remains biased toward those most likely to be infected, so the 15% cumulative rate (total positive / total tested) is certainly a gross overestimate and the 4% daily rate (new positive today / tested today) is still biased upward..

We figure the real population rate is well under 4%, which means we don’t encounter many infected folks out there.

But even 4% means staying isolated is the only way to prevent another wave of infection and another 23,000 deaths (in NY). The Mid-Hudson region has yet to meet all the state criteria for “restarting”, although Dutchess County has recently become ready, so we’ll be continuing all our usual at-home activities.

A number of state are now “opening up” without worrying about the details. Because exponential growth starts very slowly and the dying begins three weeks after the infections, the CNN charts (near the bottom of the page) will be revealing; we’ll witness several large-scale epidemiology experiments in real time over the next few months.

We have enough data to know anybody in and beyond our age bracket has plenty to worry about.

I think if any single action other than a virus killed 100,000 US citizens in three months, there wouldn’t be nearly as much discussion about the correct response. On the other paw, COVID-19 still runs a little under the rate for heart disease, so it seems we can get used to dying, even in bulk, when we do it long enough.