Fiskars Small Detail Scissors: Pivot Restaking

The pivot on the Fiskars Small Detail Scissors (the name is larger than the hardware!) in the bathroom gradually worked loose to the point where I hauled it to the Basement Shop and whacked the rivet with a concave punch:

Fiskars Small Detail Scissors - pivot restaking
Fiskars Small Detail Scissors – pivot restaking

Setting the rim of the rivet down a smidge tightened the joint wonderfully well and two oil dots smoothed the action.

I grew up using these concave punches (I have several sizes) to set finish(ing) nails, but apparently real nail punches have a nubbin in the middle to engage the little recess in the nail head which used to be common, back when finish nails arrived well-finished from the factory.

They’re not roll pin punches, either, because those have a different nubbin to support the inside of the pin.