Obsolete DRAM Collection

As you might expect by now, I harvest various bits & pieces from the PCs falling off the trailing edge of my assortment. The bag of obsolete DRAM recently floated to the top of the heap:

DRAM Assortment - overview
DRAM Assortment – overview

Half a gig of ECC RAM from what might have been a fire-breathing Pentium Pro box:

DRAM Assortment - 256 MB ECC
DRAM Assortment – 256 MB ECC

The PCBs along the top apparently filled vacant memory slots.

Some 32 and 64 MB DRAM from a few IBM laptops I turned into picture frames:

DDR2 DRAM in assorted sizes & speeds:

DRAM Assortment - PC2 DDR
DRAM Assortment – PC2 DDR

PC133 DDR DRAM, with four sticks of 1 GB PC3 along the bottom:

DRAM Assortment - PC133
DRAM Assortment – PC133

If you look closely, you may see something you can use. No reasonable offer refused …