Mystery Knife / Chisel

I recovered a tool from an intersection during the homeward leg of a bike ride:

Mystery chisel knife - overview
Mystery chisel knife – overview

The scabbard is a bit the worse for having been run over by traffic, but the knife is still in good shape.

The back of the blade has been well and truly mushroomed:

Mystery chisel knife - battered back
Mystery chisel knife – battered back

The blade edge doesn’t have nearly as much damage as you’d (well, I’d) expect from all the hammering on the back and sides:

Mystery chisel knife - blade edge
Mystery chisel knife – blade edge

The molded handle suggests it’s a commercial product, but it has no branding, no maker’s mark, no identification of any kind.

Google Image Search returns useless views of tail lights and rifles. Here, try it for yourself:

Mystery chisel knife
Mystery chisel knife

I have no idea what it’s used for.

Do you?

[Update: It’s a Bell System Cable-Sheath Splitting Knife, made by Klein Tools. More details in the comments … ]