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Sony NP-FS11 Battery Rebuild: 2019

Three years on, it’s time to rebuild some NP-FS11 lithium battery packs for the ancient Sony F505V camera, starting with packs I’ve rebuilt several times before and the last four cells from 2016.

The final test shows the 2011-F pack may power an LED blinky, but not much else:

NP-FS11 - 2011-F 2016-GH - 2019-02-19
NP-FS11 – 2011-F 2016-GH – 2019-02-19

Although the total capacity is still about 1.3 A·h for the two best batteries, the camera says the weakest two are dead after a few photos.

For reference while resoldering, the joints at the negative terminals:

NP-FS11 battery rebuld - negative terminals
NP-FS11 battery rebuld – negative terminals

And the protection PCB on the positive end:

NP-FS11 battery rebuld - positive terminals
NP-FS11 battery rebuld – positive terminals

Unsolder the strap in the middle and the B+ positive connection on the right side to remove the cells.

If cameras used bare cells, rather than glued-shut “proprietary” packs with super-secret unique ID ROMs, they’d be easier to keep running. My Sony DSC-H5 has other problems, but NiMH AA cells are easy to find.


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