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Jimmied Cable Box: Who You Gonna Call?

We spotted this anomalous situation halfway up Cochran Hill Road:

Cable Box - as found
Cable Box – as found

It looks like a Verizon FiOS cable box filled with jumpers for all the houses along the way:

Cable Box - fiberoptic jumpers
Cable Box – fiberoptic jumpers

You’ll note the missing lock and misplaced latch. The box face isn’t scarred, so getting in must not have required much effort.

The box carries no company identification or emergency numbers, but it does have two theft deterrents:

Cable Box - wasp nests
Cable Box – wasp nests

Perhaps the deterrents worked better in warmer months.

Given how little Verizon wants to hear from its FiOS customers, I have sub-zero motivation for devoting the hours required to find out if it’s their problem. Somebody along Cochran should have enough standing for the case.