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So(l)der Wick Variations

In the process of sorting out the Small Box o’ Soldering Tools, this well-used treasure emerged:

Soder-Wick - Original - Size 2
Soder-Wick – Original – Size 2

Yeah, the Genuine Article. Note the spelling and hyphenation: “Soder-Wick” is a both Registered Trademark┬« and patented.

Of course, the patent having long expired, there exist knockoffs with slightly different spelling:

Solder Wick - Knockoff - Size 2mm
Solder Wick – Knockoff – Size 2mm

And labeling:

Solder Wick - Knockoff - Size Good
Solder Wick – Knockoff – Size Good

“Size Good”. I like that. “Made in Taiwan”, though, suggests it’s been in my collection for quite a while.

Despite the fact they’re all supposed to be coated with flux, I generally run a flux pen over whatever length I’m using, because it’s the only way to be sure.