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Chair Reupholstering

We were tasked with replacing the foam cushion and seat covering on a pair of kitchen chairs. Removing the existing fabric seemed simple, until I pulled a dozen staples holding the cardboard cover to the bottom of the chair and exposed the fabric stapled to the MDF plate:

Chair reupholstering - stapled fabric

Chair reupholstering – stapled fabric

That’s just part of one corner. Obviously, whoever built the chair wanted to be very very¬†very sure the fabric didn’t come loose!

Removing the staples from one corner produced a pile:

Chair reupholstering - one corner of staples

Chair reupholstering – one corner of staples

Piling up all the staples from the other chair looked even more impressive:

Chair reupholstering - staple pile

Chair reupholstering – staple pile

I fired maybe a third as many staples into the new fabric, which seems secure enough.