Bathroom Drawer Knob: Whoopsie!

I managed to snag a cargo pocket on the under-sink drawer knob in the Black Bathroom:

Bathroom knob - bent screw
Bathroom knob – bent screw

Did a job on the pocket, too, although after Mary was done with it, you’d never know.

With that much of a bend in the screw, the knob left a nasty divot in the drawer front requiring a layer of wood-filled epoxy:

Bathroom knob - filled divot
Bathroom knob – filled divot

I sanded it more-or-less flush with the surface, taking great pains to not scuff the surrounding paint. A similar layer fills the corresponding divot under the screw head inside the front.

Despite appearances, only about 1/8 inch of the epoxy peeked around the knob, so I painted it black with a Sharpie, ran the knob onto the screw, and declared victory:

Bathroom knob - restored
Bathroom knob – restored

I’ll (try to) (remember to) stand further back from the knob …