Amazon Product Puzzlement

Amazon’s top three offerings for American Standard 023529-0070A:

Amazon - American Standard Faucet Valves
Amazon – American Standard Faucet Valves

They’re all “by American Standard”, but you must check each item to discover where it’s coming from:

  • “Ships from and sold by”
  • “Ships from and sold by Gatzies
  • Ships from and sold by moneyworldstore

Although I’ve done my fair share of repairs to this faucet, I don’t need a cartridge every month and, in any event, signing up for Subscribe & Save doesn’t promise much in the way of savings.

The second listing has the best price by a small margin. I’m content to pay half a buck more to have Amazon handle the entire transaction, rather than deal with some random Amazon Marketplace vendor.

The third listing seems to be a bizarre algorithmically priced corner case, a no-stock placeholder, or a money-laundering scheme. Judging from the pricing of other “moneyworldstore” offerings, their business model doesn’t include retail sales.

So much weirdness from one simple item …