Fireball Island Figures

A cousin asked if my 3D printer could replace some figures gone missing from their old Fireball Island game board, a classic apparently coming out in a new & improved version.

Fortunately, solid models exist on Thingiverse:

Fireball Island figure - Thingiverse 536867
Fireball Island figure – Thingiverse 536867

Unfortunately, the left arm requires support, which Slic3r supplies with great exuberance:

Fireball Island figure - Slic3r support
Fireball Island figure – Slic3r support

The vast tower on the figure’s right side (our left) seemed completely unnecessary, not to mention I have no enthusiasm for the peril inherent in chopping away so much plastic, so I replaced it with a simple in-model pillar:

Figure Support Mods
Figure Support Mods

The pillar leans from an adhesion-enhancing lily pad and ends one layer below the left hand, with all dimensions and angles chosen on the fly to make the answer come out right.

Works like a champ:

Fireball Island Figures - orange - on platform
Fireball Island Figures – orange – on platform

The dark band down the middle comes from the Pixel’s shutter.

They emerged with some PETG hair, the removal of which I left as an end-user experience.

I mailed a small box containing figures printed in my (limited!) palette of four colors, some spares Just In Case™, and a few QC rejects showing the necessity of lily pads.

Game on!

The OpenSCAD source code as a GitHub Gist:

// Adding support under Fireball Island figure arm
import("/mnt/bulkdata/Project Files/Thing-O-Matic/Fireball Island/Fireball Island figure - 100k.stl", convexity=5);
translate([6.5,-4.0,0]) {