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Monthly Science: Cheese Slicer Epoxy Coating vs. Water

Ten months ago, I cleaned the corrosion off our favorite cheese slicer:

Cheese slicer - aluminum corrosion

Cheese slicer – aluminum corrosion

After cleaning, I coated it with XTC-3D epoxy:

Cheese Slicer - epoxy coat - detail

Cheese Slicer – epoxy coat – detail

We’ve been using it daily ever since and it spends most of its life drip-drying in the dish drainer. I added a third opening to the cheerful orange measuring spoon holder just for the slicer.

A few weeks ago I noticed corrosion once again growing on the handle:

Cheese Slicer - epoxy coat - corrosion - detail

Cheese Slicer – epoxy coat – corrosion – detail

I think the rot comes from water diffusing through the epoxy, rather than gross leaks through damage or pinholes. The tip of the handle has the most corrosion, probably due to the water drop hanging there, even though it also has the thickest epoxy coating: it cured with the handle pointing downward.

Verily, rust never sleeps …

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