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Bathroom Sink Drain: Epoxy Touchup

The glaring white ring around the drain comes fromĀ Magic Porcelain Chip Fix epoxy:

Bathroom Sink Drain - Epoxy fill

Bathroom Sink Drain – Epoxy fill

What looks like a blob on the left side covers the missing chip, with the rest of the ring filled in to make it look like I knew what I was doing. The drain dried out while we were on vacation, having been scrubbed clean before we left, making for the best surface preparation I could provide.

As it turns out, our resident iron bacteria took about a week to set up shop along the bottom of the ring, producing a pair of small rust-colored dots that will inevitably spread to encompass the whole thing. They’re endemic in the plumbing, impossible to kill off, and nothing more than an unsightly nuisance.


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