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Mint Extract: Results

Six weeks later, the mint seemed about as extracted as it was going to get and I now have nearly a liter of decidedly green mint extract:

Mint Extract - liquid color

Mint Extract – liquid color

Correspondingly, the leaves turned from bright green to dull brown:

Mint Extract - spent leaf colors

Mint Extract – spent leaf colors

The smaller and darker pile in the rightmost bowl came from the smaller jar (on the left) with a higher alcohol-to-leaf ratio:

Mint Extract - start - 2018-05-29

Mint Extract – start – 2018-05-29

Perhaps packing the jars before pouring in the alcohol doesn’t extract as efficiently. Or maybe, as in so many things, it doesn’t really matter.

A liter of mint extract may not be a lifetime supply, but it’ll suffice for quite a while!


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