Bypass Lopper

Some surreptitious brush clearing called for a tool larger than our wonderful Fiskars PowerGear pruner, so I unearthed a long-disused bypass lopper in the garage (it may have Come With The House). Alas, the pivot bolt lost its jam nut long ago:

Bypass loppers - OEM 10 mm bolt
Bypass loppers – OEM 10 mm bolt

That’s an M10x1.5 bolt, for which I lack a corresponding nut.

But 3/8-16 is approximately M10x1.5, for small values of thread engagement, and I do have an assortment of inch-sized stainless steel fasteners:

Bypass loppers - 0.375 inch bolt
Bypass loppers – 0.375 inch bolt

The nylon lock nut jams the bolt against the left blade, with the split washer applying pressure to the tapered blade. Slobbering oil in the sliding joints restored it to perfect working order.

The weird round dingus on the far side of the pivot, up against the handles, is a bumper cushioning the fully closed position. It’s a nice touch and might work better if its rubber pad hadn’t aged out over the decades spent in the garage waiting for this very day.

It’s my kind of yard work: “What do you need killed next?”