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Too Many Deer: Roadside Attraction

A mutual staredown during a utility bike ride:

Roadside Deer - Rt 376 Marker 1111 - 2018-06-20

Roadside Deer – Rt 376 Marker 1111 – 2018-06-20

This is just after noon, when deer should be snoozing, north of Paula’s Public House, with the deer on the creek side of the road. I’m towing the trailer with an empty propane tank, coasting down from 18 mph, and expecting the deer to jump in front of me, because that’s what deer do. It waited patiently until I passed, hopped the guide rail, trotted across the road, then clambered up the steep hillside away from the Mighty Wappinger Creek.

Searching for deer will reveal many more encounters.

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