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Pixel XL Camera vs. Barred Owl

A pair of barred owls have been doing call-response “Who cooks for you” chants during the late afternoon, we finally spotted one, and I have a Pixel XL in my pocket:

Barred owl - overview

Barred owl – overview

That’s with the camera zoomed all the way, so it’s blowing up the raw pixels by a factor of four. Cropping out the middle and resizing by 300% shows the result doesn’t have much detail:

Barred owl - zoomed 3x cropped

Barred owl – zoomed 3x cropped

We snagged the binoculars on the way out the door, so we got a better look than you do.┬áThe camera you have is much better than the camera you don’t, but big glass always wins over tiny optics!


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