Vape Cartridge

Being the kind of guy who lives under a rock, I thought this thing lying at the end of the driveway might be a USB widget:

Vape cartridge - side
Vape cartridge – side

But the contacts are all wrong:

Vape cartridge - contacts
Vape cartridge – contacts

It has an opening on the other end:

Vape cartridge - exhaust port
Vape cartridge – exhaust port

An easy teardown produces a yard sale of parts:

Vape cartridge - components
Vape cartridge – components

The fiber snippet inside the coil carries the same sickly sweet scent as exhaled by passing vapers.

Some casual searching suggests it’s a Juul Vape Pod. The Juul site insists on lower browser armor than I’m willing to grant it; you’re on your own.

The heating coil press-fits into slots cut in the contacts:

Vape cartridge - heater and contacts
Vape cartridge – heater and contacts

It’s about 1 Ω cold, so I foolishly assume there’s a current limiter somewhere in the circuitry.

The little steel tube goes into the Tray o’ Cutoffs, where it might come in handy some day, the debris hits the trash, and I washed my hands up to the elbows.

Ya learn something new every day around here and, obviously, I must get out more …