MPCNC: Autolevel Probe, Tactile Switch Edition

So I intended to shrink the Autolevel probe with 1/8 inch drill rod and a tactile membrane switch:

MPCNC - Simple Z probe - pogo tactile switch
MPCNC – Simple Z probe – pogo tactile switch

Unfortunately, it didn’t work nearly as well as I expected, because the switch membrane requires slightly less than the 180 g of pressure that pushes the P100 pogo pin entirely into its housing, leaving no overtravel worth mentioning. The membrane switch mechanism itself has much less than 1 mm of overtravel after the dome snaps, which left me with an uncomfortable feeling of impending doom.

I managed to figure that out before completely assembling the thing, saving me a bit of time.

The end of the pogo pin initially sported a dot of epoxy to spread the load over the switch dome:

Pogo pin with epoxy switch-pusher drop
Pogo pin with epoxy switch-pusher drop

I dismantled the pogo pin to see whether I could substitute a more forceful spring how it worked. As expected, a teeny spring drives the probe up against a trio of indentations in the brass housing. I didn’t expect the probe to have such an intricate shape, but it’s obvious in retrospect.

The OpenSCAD code for the housing required minimal tweakage from the larger version, so it’s not worth immortalizing.