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Cycliq Fly6: Battery Replacement

After verifying my defunct Cycliq Fly6 has a dead battery, I ordered a handful of 18650 cells from Batteryspace (a known-reputable source):

Fly6 - battery replacement - Samsung label

Fly6 – battery replacement – Samsung label

The transplanted protection PCB goes between the tabs, with a nickel strip snippet because I didn’t cut the old strip in the right place:

Fly6 - battery replacement - PCB

Fly6 – battery replacement – PCB

The PCB goes under a manila paper layer, the ends get similar caps, and the whole affair receives an obligatory Kapton tape wrap:

Fly6 - battery replacement - endcap

Fly6 – battery replacement – endcap

Reassembly is in reverse order. I now know the Fly6 will reset / start up when the battery connector snaps into place, but, because it emits identical battery-charge beeps when it starts and shuts off, there’s no way to tell what state it’s in. I don’t see any good way to install the ribbon cable from the LED PCB before plugging in the battery, so just blindly press-and-hold the power button to shut it off.

After an overnight charge, it makes videos of my desk just fine and will, I expect, do the same on the bike.

Now that I’ve taken the thing apart, I should open it up and tinker with the (glued-down) camera focus adjustment to discover whether:

We’ll find out when the weather warms up in a week or two.