Prototype Board Holder: Now With Mounting Holes and Common Board Sizes

The folks I’ve been coaching through their plotter build project showed it off at the local MiniMakerFaire this past weekend. Next time around, I’ll insist they secure their circuit boards and use good wiring techniques, so as to avoid destroying more stepper drivers.

To that end, adding mounting holes to my proto board holder seems in order:

Proto Board Holder 90x70 - Flange mounting holes - Slic3r preview
Proto Board Holder 90×70 – Flange mounting holes – Slic3r preview

The board dimensions now live in an associative array, so you just pick the board name from a Configurator drop-down list:

/* [Options] */

PCBSelect = "ArdUno"; // ["20x80","40x60","30x70","50x70","70x90","80x120","ArdDuemil","ArdMega","ArdPro","ArdUno","ProtoneerCNC"]


PCBSizes = [

Which seems easier than keeping track of the dimensions in comments.

You can now put the PCB clamp screws and mounting holes on specific corners & sides, allowing oddball locations for Arduino boards with corner cutouts along the right edge:

Proto Board Holder ArdUno - Slic3r preview
Proto Board Holder ArdUno – Slic3r preview

A “selector” notation separates the hole location from the board dimensions & coordinates:

ScrewSites = [
//  [-1,1],[1,1],[1,-1],[-1,-1],        // corners
//  [-1,0],[1,0],[0,1],[0,-1]           // middles
  [-1,1],[-1,-1],[1,0]                  // Arduinos

Might not be most obvious way, but it works for me. Most of the time, corner clamps seem just fine, so I’m not sure adding the clamp and mounting hole locations to the dimension array makes sense.

The OpenSCAD source code as a GitHub Gist: