Crispy Skin Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder: Whoops

The previous times we slow-roasted a pork shoulder, the smoke alarm went off well before the skin crisped. We’d drained the drippings from the pan before crisping the skin, but the residue still smoked up a storm; this time we we left the pool in place to see if it kept the surface cooler and reduced the smoke.

Well, no, it didn’t. This happened in the five minutes between one rotation and the next:

Roast Pork Shoulder - Smoked Kitchen
Roast Pork Shoulder – Smoked Kitchen

Knowing things would get at least a little smoky, I’d closed the pocket door (on the left) and hung a beach towel across the opening into the laundry room (to the right), which kept most of the smoke out of the rest of the house. The smoke detector in the laundry room didn’t go off until I walked through the towel, so my precautions worked pretty well.

Wow, was that skin crispy:

Roast Pork Shoulder - Crispy Skin
Roast Pork Shoulder – Crispy Skin

Plenty of smoke and no fire; the roasting pan has narrow slits for that very reason. Took a couple of hours to vent the house, during which the yard smelled downright yummy.

Next time, we’ll plunk the roast on a lined cookie sheet (with a rim!) and see what happens.