Sandisk Extreme Plus: End of Life

The Fly6 rear camera on my bike started giving off three long beeps and shutting down. Doing the reformatting / rebooting dance provides only temporary relief, so I think the card has failed:

Sandisk Extreme Plus vs. Samsung EVO MicroSD cards
Sandisk Extreme Plus vs. Samsung EVO MicroSD cards

The Fly6 can handle cards up to only 32 GB, which means I should stock up before they go the way of the 8 GB card shipped with the camera a few years ago.

Some back of the envelope calculations:

  • It’s been in use for the last 19 months
  • The last 22 trips racked up 88 GB of video data = 4 GB/trip
  • They occurred over the last 6 weeks = 3.6 rides/week
  • Call it 250 trips = 1 TB of data written to the card = 32 × capacity

That’s only slightly more than the failure point of the Sony 64 GB MicroSDXC cards. The Fly6 writes about a third of the data per trip, so the card lasts longer on a calendar basis.

So now let’s find out how long the Samsung cards last …