Multimeter Banana Plugs

The second banana plug on one of my multimeters failed, so I finally got around to replacing them with a dual plug from the Drawer o’ Banana Stuff:

Dual banana plug - assembled
Dual banana plug – assembled

The bulky test leads don’t quite fit through the convenient retaining ring, so the zip tie holds ’em in place.

A setscrew at the base of each banana jack tunnel crunches the test lead wire against the plug base, but, alone among the collection, this plug had one missing screw. Rather than toss it away (or, worse, back in the Drawer), I decided to Solve The Problem once and for ever:

Dual banana plug - improvised clamp screw
Dual banana plug – improvised clamp screw

That’s an ordinary M3 screw from the Drawer o’ Random M3 Stuff with its head hacksawed off, a slot crudely hacksawed slightly off-center into the end, then lightly filed to hide the worst damage. With a bit of luck, nobody will ever notice it …