AT26 / TF26 Quartz Resonator Identification

There’s not much room on an AT26 / TF26 can for a readable label, unless one owns a metal-marking laser, but a simple bar code should let me identify each one:

Quartz Resonators - binary marking
Quartz Resonators – binary marking

The empty “0” slot down at the bottom will hold the crash-test dummy resonator I’ve been using to get the tester working.

The red-and-blue stripes from plain old fine-point Sharpie pens will rub off under duress, which I hope to avoid. After finishing up, I’m still not sure blue makes a better zero than red; you can make a convincing argument either way:

Binary marked AT26 Quartz Resonators
Binary marked AT26 Quartz Resonators

The bag allegedly contained 25 resonators, although I’m willing to agree the last one escaped into the clutter on or under the Electronics Workbench.