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Gas Pump UI: FAIL

During our most recent trip, I stopped at a new-to-me gas station, managed to figure out the pump’s UI enough to swipe my card and fill the tank, then utterly failed at the Print Receipt? prompt:

Gas Pump Keypad Abrasion

Gas Pump Keypad Abrasion

A quick hike to the adjacent pump suggested pressing the illegible key above Enter, but the UI timed out before I got back and the promised “moment” never ended. The attendant generated a receipt showing I’d paid for the gas and told me to jiggle the pump nozzle, which didn’t improve the situation. We eventually agreed he’d handle it later and I drove away, never to return, hoping that the next customer didn’t get a free fill on my dime dollar C-note.

Surely I’d know what to do, were I a regular customer …