Cheap WS2812 LEDs: Test Fixture Failure 2

A second WS2812 RGB LED in the test fixture failed:

WS2812 LED - test fixture failure 2
WS2812 LED – test fixture failure 2

The red pixel in the second row from the top sends pinball panic to the six downstream LEDs (left and upward). Of course, it’s not consistently bad and sometimes behaves perfectly. The dark row below it contains perfectly good LEDs: they’re in a dark-blue part of the cycle.

The first WS2812 failed after about a week. This one lasted 7 weeks = 50-ish days.

The encapsulation seal went bad on this one and, for whatever it’s worth, the remainder still pass the Sharpie test. Perhaps the LEDs fail only after heat (or time-at-temperature) breaks the seal. Assuming, equally of course, the seal left the factory in good order, which seems a completely unwarranted assumption.