Raspberry Pi Streaming Radio Player: Yet Another Cheap Wireless Keypad

One might think, just from looking, that this black wireless USB numeric keypad:

BonyTek Wireless USB Numeric Keypad
BonyTek Wireless USB Numeric Keypad

Was identical to the white keypads I already used on the streaming media players:

Wireless Keypad - colored labels
Wireless Keypad – colored labels

One would, of course, be wrong.

They both claim to be manufactured by “Creative Labs” with a 0x062a vendor ID, but with different model IDs:

  • White = 0x4101 “Wireless Keyboard/Mouse”
  • Black = 0x4182

Astonishingly, that model ID appears nowhere in Google’s search results, yet it actually works when plugged into my desktop PC.

The new model ID requires Yet Another Udev Rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/Streamer.rules:

ATTRS{idVendor}=="062a", ATTRS{idProduct}=="4182", ENV{ID_INPUT_KEYBOARD}=="1", SYMLINK+="input/keypad"

No big deal by now …