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Under-cabinet Lamp Brackets

These blocky brackets hold a pair of LED light strips in the recess under our 1955-era kitchen cabinets, to let the light cover the entire counter:

Kitchen Light Bracket

Kitchen Light Bracket

The large holes are for drywall screws into the cabinet, the smaller ones for 2.5 mm SHCS holding the strips to the brackets. I drilled those little holes out and installed 4-40 brass inserts; this being a one-off installation, the source code doesn’t include that change.

There’s not much to see after they’re installed:

Under-cabinet light bracket - center joiner

Under-cabinet light bracket – center joiner

I’d hoped to swap the ends of the strip to power it from the right end, but the guts aren’t symmetric and you can’t just flip it end-for-end:

eShine LED Under-cabinet light - disassembled

eShine LED Under-cabinet light – disassembled

That’s an add-on unit without the IR proximity sensor circuitry and power switch, but with the same overall layout. You take it apart by pressing the obvious latch on one of the endcaps, then gently prying the plastic away from the aluminum extrusion, taking care not to wreck the coaxial socket. Reassemble in reverse order.

The OpenSCAD source code as a GitHub Gist:


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