Vacuum Tube LEDs: Milling a 0D3 Spigot the Right Way

Now, with the 0D3 tube properly clamped and aligned in the Sherline mill:

OD3 Octal - V-block clamp
OD3 Octal – V-block clamp

I can slowly run an end mill down onto the spigot:

0D3 Octal - milling spigot
0D3 Octal – milling spigot

Eventually converting the whole post into black dust in the vacuum cleaner:

0D3 Octal - milled spigot
0D3 Octal – milled spigot

That was completely uneventful, which is pretty much the whole point of good fixturing, isn’t it?

Applying the vacuum cleaner while milling seems to have kept the dust out of the base, although I’m not sure I can pull that trick off every time.