Monthly Science: Time-release Pills

I left a time-release melatonin pill in water for a day:

Time-release melatonin - 24h water
Time-release melatonin – 24h water

Perhaps an acidic environment would be more to its taste?

Here’s another pill after a day in vinegar:

Time-release melatonin - 24h vinegar
Time-release melatonin – 24h vinegar

In both cases, poking the somewhat dissolved pill separated it into gummy chunks, so it’s probably working as designed. I suppose the usual stomach churning would help.

This being a quack nostrum, there’s no way to tell what’s inside or how much you’re getting, but I didn’t expect to get way more B6 than you’d expect from the large print on the label. Lesson: always read the fine print, no matter how well it’s concealed.

0/10 – would not buy again.

As before, the results do not differ significantly from placebo, so this is a triumph of hope over experience.