Monthly Image: Helmet Camera vs. Water Droplets

Riding into the Village of Wappingers Falls, there’s a lumpy patched pothole just ahead of the fairing & front wheel:

Water Droplets - 2016-07-19 - 0196
Water Droplets – 2016-07-19 – 0196

You can watch (and I can hear) the fairing flex as the front end jounces over the patch:

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The hydration pack slung behind the seat also jounces and, when the reservoir bag bottoms out, the sudden pressure increase squirts water out of the bite valve, all over my face and goggles, and way out in front of the camera:

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The camera runs at 60 images/second: those 28 images span all of 450 ms.

Two seconds later, the droplet stabilized into a nice round lens:

Water Droplets - 2016-07-19 - 0360
Water Droplets – 2016-07-19 – 0360

The low humidity of a lovely day evaporated the drop after another three minutes…