BOB Yak Flag Ferrule Failure

At some point along a recent grocery ride, the top half of the flag mast on the BOB Yak trailer went missing.

We had a general idea of where it happened, but, fortunately, I Have The Technology:

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The flag and pole ended up just off the road, only slightly the worse for wear. I hadn’t planned on riding two dozen miles on a rather hot and humid summer day, but so it goes.

The lower ferrule chafed away enough of the fiberglass pole that it could slip downward, eventually releasing the upper ferrule:

BOB Yak Flag - ferrule chafing
BOB Yak Flag – ferrule chafing

That split near the end enlarged the pole enough that the ferrule couldn’t slide off, so I contented myself with cross-drilling the whole affair for a 1-72 screw, packing epoxy into the hole, tucking more epoxy up inside the bottom end of the ferrule, then burying the screw and nut:

BOB Yak Flag - reassembled ferrule
BOB Yak Flag – reassembled ferrule

While I had it on the bench, I replaced the somewhat shredded fluorescent orange tape just under the flag and added a strip of diagonally striped red-and-white retroreflective tape for an attractive barber-pole appearance.

That should last for a little while longer…