Whirlpool Refrigerator Drawer Strut Re-Re-Re-repair

The support holding the two big drawers below the bottom shelf of our long-suffering Whirlpool refrigerator broke off. Having previously repaired and then replaced the tab holding the strut in place, then added metal skid plates to the bearing surfaces, I’m getting pretty good at fighting this particular bit of entropy to a standstill:

Refrigerator strut - clamped glue joint
Refrigerator strut – clamped glue joint

Adding a few more clamps always make me feel good:

Refrigerator strut - many clamps
Refrigerator strut – many clamps

Although a good solvent-bond joint should be as strong as the original plastic, that’s not saying much: I expect the end of that strut will break off again. Perhaps the central web is wide enough for a few small screws?