Micro-Mark Mini Bandsaw

Unlike their craptastic Mini Miter/Cut-off saw, the Micro-Mark Variable Speed Mini Bandsaw seems like a solid improvement over the corresponding Harbor Freight offering:

Micro-Mark Bandsaw - mostly ready
Micro-Mark Bandsaw – mostly ready

That’s the tank for the water-cooling option atop the housing, with the collection tray underneath. It’s screwed to a big wood plank; I’ll probably bench-mount the thing, but that’s stable enough for now.

The right-rear mounting screw hides below the dust collection vacuum port:

Micro-Mark Bandsaw - vacuum fitting
Micro-Mark Bandsaw – vacuum fitting

You must remove the metal fitting that’s screwed to the frame in the obvious manner:

Micro-Mark Bandsaw - right rear screw - installed
Micro-Mark Bandsaw – right rear screw – installed

The slowest speed runs a bit faster than I’d like, but I admit to being a sissy.

The 14 tpi blade cuts wood just fine:

Micro-Mark Bandsaw - first cut
Micro-Mark Bandsaw – first cut

The 24 tpi blades should chop up the smaller chunks I generally work with around here.

Bonus: the blade guide just barely clears my huge block of machinable wax.