Chipmunk Gibbage

Mary found the north end of a southbound chipmunk just outside the garden gate, at the foot of the utility pole that often serves as a hawk perch:

Chipmunk tail tip
Chipmunk tail tip

Shortly thereafter, she found piles of gibbage atop the retaining wall by the basement door:

Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage
Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage

It looks too loose for an owl pellet, but hawks also blurp up the indigestible bits. We have definitely have a pair of Cooper’s Hawks nesting in the area again; most likely, this is what’s left of the south end of that chipmunk.

The next morning, we had a feeding frenzy out there:

Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage - feeding frenzy
Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage – feeding frenzy

I’m not sure if the snail over on the right is a participant or a bystander. It’s certainly outclassed by the slugs, which are basically soft-shell snails.

As dBm points out, nothing goes to waste in Nature:

Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage - cleanup squad
Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage – cleanup squad

After the crowd left and the remains dried out a bit, one chunk had a tuft of brown-tipped fur with gray roots that definitely looks like it came from a chipmunk.

Good work, hawks: go, go, go!