Candidate Caravan

For obscure reasons, the Silly Season brought Sanders, Trump, and Clinton fille to the City of Poughkeepsie within the span of eight days. We know enough to stay far away from such events, but one of the contestants came to us!

A siren heralded flashing lights off to the left, coming up the hill from the bridge over the Mighty Wappingers Creek:

Candidate Motorcade - 0463
Candidate Motorcade – 0463

The police car jammed to a stop in the middle of the Red Oaks Mill intersection, directly in front of the cars (and bikes) that had just begun moving after the light turned green:

Candidate Motorcade - 0700
Candidate Motorcade – 0700

During the next minute, the officer managed to clear most of the traffic from the left-turn storage lanes perpendicular to us, after which two motorcycle officers led the procession:

Candidate Motorcade - 5015
Candidate Motorcade – 5015

Two ordinary SUVs with flashing light bars followed:

Candidate Motorcade - 5211
Candidate Motorcade – 5211

Two stretched SUVs with side window and marker flashers:

Candidate Motorcade - 5403
Candidate Motorcade – 5403

One blatantly inconspicuous black sedan running dark:

Candidate Motorcade - 5467
Candidate Motorcade – 5467

Two black patrol cars and a white patrol car, all with flashing lights:

Candidate Motorcade - 5792
Candidate Motorcade – 5792

The officer jumped into his car and rejoined the procession at the end:

Candidate Motorcade - 5992
Candidate Motorcade – 5992

According to my back-of-the-envelope, the motorcade moved through the intersection at a steady 20 mph.

Given where all the folks who merit such an escort were supposed to be at the time, I don’t know why they brought The Personage through the Red Oaks Mill intersection in that direction; the City of Poughkeepsie is to our rear, due north of Red Oaks Mill. Perhaps they’re following a randomly chosen route to confuse the unprepared, even though it’s longer and requires more traffic control?

Rumors from a Reliable Source indicate that not all trains travel on steel rails.

I suppose you eventually get used to having a couple of quiet people standing in every room with you.

One benefit of the inevitable news coverage: a few more people now know how to pronounce “Poughkeepsie”.