Vacuum Tube LEDs: Another Knockoff Neopixel Failure

The WS2812B controller in this knockoff Neopixel failed:

Failed W2812B Ersatz Neopixel
Failed W2812B Ersatz Neopixel

It used to live in the Noval socket:

Noval socket - red phase
Noval socket – red phase

As with the one atop the big incandescent bulb, it failed by emitting random flashes of primary colors. This time, the Octal and Duodecar sockets were downstream and I got to watch four randomly flashing RGB LEDs, which says the controller failed enough to corrupt the data stream, but not enough to make the downstream controllers regard it as completely invalid.

I replaced it with another one, just like the other ones, and it’s been running happily ever since.

Fairly obviously, cheap knockoff Neopixels aren’t a good deal; the strip and these PCB versions have racked up three or four (I’m losing track) out of less than a dozen deployed. I won’t hold the overtemperature failures against the strip versions, but, still …