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Road Conditions: 2816 Rt 376 Northbound Sinkhole

We must dodge this sinkhole on every northbound ride, which means about four times a week:

Rt 376 2016-01-15 - Northbound milepost 1110 - sinkhole

Rt 376 2016-01-15 – Northbound milepost 1110 – sinkhole

It’s been sinking, month by month, ever since I reported it to NYSDOT last July. They dispatched a work crew that did a remarkable job of patching everything around the sinkhole (note the asphalt obliterating the center line), but somehow missed the actual hole on the shoulder, despite the picture I sent. Just before snow season, a second crew patched many small holes along Rt 376 from Red Oaks Mill to Hooker Avenue, but, once again, missed this one.

If it doesn’t look like much, let’s go for a check ride.

This section of Rt 376 forms part of NYS Bike Route 9.