Kohl’s Guest WiFi Terms & Conditions: The Short Version

I enjoy exposing my tired old Kindle to random assaults, so I’m always on the lookout for FREE WIFI! hotspots:

Kohls Guest WiFi - login screen
Kohls Guest WiFi – login screen

You can’t resize the text, there are no linkies to the details of the Kohl’s Terms or Kohl’s Privacy Policy (viewing them would presumably require a browser, which would require using the WiFi, which you haven’t yet been approved to use), leaving a decision between “Hit me!” and, oh, maybe re-reading The Martian.

In the local Sears some months ago, I spent the better part of 20 minutes scrolling their lengthy T&C, following the links (which they provide through the same peephole!), and generally admiring their legal department’s sophistry.

I’m not a formal member of The Society for the Easily Amused, but I support their cause and, obviously, don’t get out nearly enough.